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At Mozaic, our creative culture is built to help clients ADVOCATE, CREATE, ENGAGE, and GROW.


Founded in 2007, Mozaic Media & Communications (Mozaic) is a full-service firm specializing in the development and implementation of strategic communications and public affairs campaigns for a host of public, private, and nonprofit clients. Based in Los Angeles, we maintain a presence in Sacramento  and Washington D.C. -- our diverse team will put the pieces together to achieve successful results for your corporate, civic, nonprofit, entertainment, and transmedia ventures.


Mozaic is armed with proven professionals and seasoned experts in public relations, media relations, influencer and niche marketing, branding, corporate social responsibility, and social media, among other areas. Our strategists are prepared to work with you to develop well-planned campaigns that will reach a target market, tell your story, and enhance your exposure to grow your business and your bottom line.


We work with integrity, authenticity, and creativity – and our work is infused with these core values.

Let us help you ADVOCATE, CREATE, ENGAGE, and GROW today.

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