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Denise is a 10-year veteran of bi-cultural community engagement,

public affairs and political campaigns, experienced in recruiting and building grassroots and grasstops coalitions comprised of influential political figures, media outlets and opinion leaders in key states and congressional districts. Denise understands grassroots organizing and how media, marketing,

and other strategies fit into an advocacy campaign.

Most recently Denise served as a strategic communications consultant in Washington, D.C., at one of the largest public affairs firms of its kind,

where she was responsible for multiple public engagement campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, issue advocacy groups, and national non-profits. She is a former program manager  for a mobile messaging and lifestyle marketing startup, a past field representative for a California State Senator from Los Angeles, and regional political strategist for local, state and national electoral campaigns in California, Nevada and Colorado. She is fluent in Spanish, a seasoned cultural interpreter, and a digital marketing strategist. Her passion is connecting people and ideas to drive growth and social impact for her clients.

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