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John is a retired AT&T area vice president with extensive experience in public affairs, community relations, media relations, coalition building,

and strategic planning. He is an icon throughout Los Angeles county and a well respected solutions-oriented executive. John witnessed the breakup of AT&T in 1984, which upheaved the telecommunications industry while also serving as an official Olympic sponsor for the 1984 Olympics. John managed the newly renamed Pacific Bell’s sponsorship, including handling all tickets, hotels, transportation, hospitality, and internal communications.


Following his 32-year career at AT&T, John worked for the Weingart Center, a Los Angeles Skid Row transitional housing nonprofit organization. He has continued to excel in the nonprofit world, volunteering for a variety of nonprofit boards focusing on education and health care. John is a past president of 211 LA, Chair of  Via Care Community Health Center, Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Library Foundation, Treasurer of the Foundation for Los Angeles Community Colleges, and Board Member of Project Restore at the City of Los Angeles.  John has also been reappointed to the Los Angeles County Civil Service Commission.

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