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Mozaic was engaged to gather community input for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board of Education to help them make an informed and inclusive decision about who to pick as the district’s next superintendent. LAUSD had experienced significant turnover in that position in recent years and the Board wanted to ensure maximum community

buy-in - with special attention paid to key stakeholders - in choosing its next leader. In order to get the best possible pulse on what was important to key stakeholders and the community at large, our team set up a multi-pronged, multimedia outreach campaign.


The core of the outreach was a short, 21-question survey available in multiple languages via a mobile link, and promoted by in-person “street teams.” To come up with the questions for the survey, our team held Zoom meetings with each Board Member, representatives from key partners like United Teachers Los Angeles, administrators and other LAUSD employees and learned what each of their priorities were. The survey was supplemented with a series of virtual listening events held across the district, ensuring the most possible voices were heard. Our team’s collective community outreach efforts throughout LAUSD led to the completion of nearly 29,000 surveys. The data in these surveys was sortable by numerous demographic markers including stakeholder status, location, and other key interest areas.


The LAUSD Board was able to use the quantitative and qualitative data gathered by our team to ensure that the job description reflected stakeholders’ priorities and preferred qualifications, leading to the successful selection of LAUSD’s current superintendent. Mozaic is pleased to provide the following work samples as evidence of its successful work on this efforts: 1) Community Outreach Survey (English and Spanish) and 2) Final Public Community Outreach Report to the LAUSD Board of Education.

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