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Advocacy campaigns through public affairs and community outreach is one of the pillars of our work at Mozaic. We know that strength comes in numbers, and that’s why we’ve built a team of experts in coalition-building and community outreach strategies.


Community outreach comes in many forms – and we’ve got the experience to take your business or organization to the next level. Through our efforts, we have formed meaningful partnerships and increased brand awareness for numerous clients.


We believe public affairs is key to helping a company or organization effectively interact with stakeholders and the community-at-large. Crucial to establishing and promoting a credible reputation, public affairs is a strong tool for building and maintaining engagement that helps drive regulatory and policy development.


Mozaic has built a strong reputation in public affairs due to its team’s decades of experience in leading campaigns in Southern California, Sacramento, and Washington D.C. We know who the players are, how to reach them, and what it takes to put an issue front-and-center.


Our public affairs and community outreach suite includes:

  • Influencer marketing and outreach

  • Community Forums (Town Halls, Listening Sessions)

  • Group Facilitation

  • Coalition and consensus building

  • Strategic partnership development

  • Regulatory Affairs Support




Client: Oxfam America


Oxfam America is a global non-governmental organization with 17 offices worldwide and more than 25,000 employees in the field. However, in the wake of the financial crisis, corporate partnerships had become more difficult to come by. The Mozaic team was tasked with assisting Oxfam America with the promotion and implementation of the “GROW” initiative focused on food justice, access to clean and healthy food choices and supporting small scale and women farmers throughout the world.


Over the span of six months, Mozaic visited with over 30 major organizations, forming nearly a dozen partnerships with advocacy groups, trade associations and promoted the issue among government leaders.  Mozaic also coordinated “Food Day Los Angeles” hosted by the Los Angelea Food Policy Council. In conjunction with the event, Mozaic worked with PBS affiliate KCET on a nationally syndicated documentary series highlighting Oxfam’s global impact.


The art of creation is a specialty of ours at Mozaic. Our graphics team provides superior creative designs that, combined with strategic communications messaging, visually brand companies to reach target audiences.


Comprised of creative experts who have developed and designed numerous successful campaigns for a variety of corporate, entertainment, and nonprofit clients, Mozaic offers a full suite of services tailored to campaign needs and objectives.


Our creative work includes (but is not limited to):

  • Web design

  • Brochures

  • Media and marketing packages

  • Digital / HTML marketing

  • Video production / editing

  • Social media strategy and development




Client: Vanwolff


When introducing a new brand, proper messaging and strategy is key to building lasting audiences. That’s why Vanwolff, a new apparel company selling men’s swim and underwear, hired Mozaic to launch the brand’s first collection.


Mozaic developed a strategy to target potential customers, retail outlets and fashion influencers while highlighting the brand’s decision to manufacture in California. Mozaic built a sleek website, led media outreach and implemented a runway fashion show at the Abbey, one of Los Angeles’ best-known bars, designed to introduce the brand to its target audience.


The end result was a massive success. Over 300 attendees packed the launch event. While media attendance was sizable, Mozaic’s post-event outreach strategy and tactics expanded Vanwolff’s reach to an international audience. Altogether, Vanwolff’s story landed on several magazine covers and was featured in fashion, lifestyle and men’s interest outlets in the U.S, Europe and Asia. The buzz generated increased sales, web traffic and empowered the company to expand production.


In order to be successful in business – or community outreach – we know that you must effectively engage with your target audiences.


One way we help our clients engage with the public is through social media. Social media marketing is part of doing business in today’s world. It allows a company or organization to connect and interact directly with audiences in real-time – and gives them the ability to address issues or problems immediately. It also is an effective way to gauge the effectiveness of marketing strategies and messages.


Mozaic offers our clients an authentic social media experience to generate buzz and break through the chatter. Our team understands the social media world and its constant evolution.


Our work includes:

  • Social and digital media strategy

  • Program design and delivery

  • Digital media campaigns and promotions

  • Content creation and distribution

  • Social media management

  • Website / web tools design, build, and research



Clients: First 5 LA and ECEWorks!


When First 5 LA and the UCLA Anderson School of Management was faced with a dilemma – little media interest in a public policy campaign highlighting the economic impacts of early childhood education – the organizations came to Mozaic. Our team was hired to revive interest in the campaign, procure high-level speakers and secure media participation, attendance and coverage for their joint event, the First 5 LA/UCLA Anderson Forecast.


Leading up to the event, Mozaic convinced NBC News and the Wall Street Journal to moderate business panels, increased social media metrics by over 800% and even secured business leaders to take part in the conference. The presenting executives represented publicly-traded companies, hot start-ups, and a senior executive from Facebook.


Revamping the conference’s media strategy, Mozaic scored an exclusive article on the conference in Ezra Klein’s Wonkblog in the Washington Post. Next, in the midst of a busy election season, Mozaic convinced NBC’s News Conference to air a segment on early childhood education, while NPR pursued a series of extended stories on the same topic. The end results contributed to what has been described as the most successful event in First 5 LA’s history.



We know how important growth is to any business or organization. That’s why our team offers a suite of public relations and media relations offerings to expedite our clients’ growth goals.


Public Relations is about building relationships that can advance, promote, and benefit a brand. Strategic public relations and media relations ensure that the right messages are delivered to core audiences – and effectively push objectives forward.


The Mozaic team is made up of expert strategists and former journalists that know the news industry, how it operates, and how to ensure that your story is told. Our team believes that strategy comes first, and tactics second – a philosophy that consistently lands high impact media and results.


Our public relations practice is known for successful campaigns that push the needle and drive business.


This work may include:

  • Corporate communications

  • Consumer marketing

  • Reputation management

  • Business-to-Business marketing

  • Crisis communications

  • Spokesperson engagement

  • Cause marketing

  • Special events

  • Internal relations




Client: AICCU


The Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) has been a client of Mozaic’s for over seven years. The group came to us when California’s state government was facing a budget crisis and several programs – including the “Cal Grants” program, which provides support for underprivileged high-achieving students in the state – were threatened to be cut altogether.


AICCU, the unified statewide voice of California’s 84 private, non-profit colleges and universities hired Mozaic to develop a strategy and implement a plan of action to educate lawmakers, the public and the media to save the Cal Grant program.


Working with the AICCU, Mozaic created an aggressive student-centered campaign to push for the Legislature to reject the Governor’s proposed cut. As a result, the campaign succeeded in securing over 150 unique statewide media hits, including pieces in the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Tribune and solidified a unified call to action against the proposed cuts. Additionally, Mozaic organized a Sacramento Lobby Day and helped secure nearly 15,000 petition signatures against the cuts. As a result, the Legislature rejected the proposal and a fair compromise was reached, keeping the program intact.


AICCU remains a clients to this day, as we continue to help grow the AICCU brand among students and other stakeholders throughout California.

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