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Creatives. Strategists. Storytellers. We are Mozaic.

Mozaic Strategies is a full service lobbying and advocacy consultancy based in Los Angeles, with a presence in Sacramento and reach throughout the State of California. We work on local, regional and state matters covering a wide range of issues, leveraging our team of experts and insider knowledge of the workings of local and state government to get things done for our clients. Our team of seasoned former government executives and influential private sector leaders provides our clients with sound foundational strategy and tested tactics that can influence important stakeholders and achieve favorable outcomes for all. Having a seat at the table is not enough—you need to know how to use it.


Mozaic Strategies does not strive to be a one-size-fits-all solution; instead, we work on issues in which we have long-term experience and proven results—because nobody wants their consultants learning on the job. These issues include, but are not limited to:


  • Environment/Regulatory Affairs (practice highlight below)

  • Procurement Solutions (practice highlight below)

  • Healthcare policy (including issues with healthcare regulators statewide) 

  • Higher education policy

  • Non-Profit/Philanthropy

  • Trade Associations 

  • Transportation Sector & Infrastructure


213.373.1MMC (662)

Los Angeles


Environment/Regulatory Affairs Practice

Our team at Mozaic Strategies has expertise in a wide range of issues pertaining to the environment including extensive work with various jurisdictions, such as air districts and water districts, on regulatory matters. Whether you are having permitting issues with various regulatory entities in the state of California, need assistance with matters pertaining to California’s cap and trade program, are working on a project that is being affected by CEQA or are trying to work with environmental justice communities, Mozaic Strategies can help. California’s regulatory regime can be a rude awakening for many companies seeking to do business here. That’s why Mozaic is here to help.

Procurement Solutions Practice

The Mozaic Strategies team has decades of experience working with city, county and state departments and agencies. Our team has an extensive understanding of the very complex and highly specialized California procurement processes for IT Goods and Services, Non-IT Goods and Non-IT Services. We bring this unique expertise to our clients who wish to do business with any government entity in the State of California, assisting them on the creation of a sound strategy, helping build brand awareness and familiarity with the entity and supporting our client as it works through a procurement process. Additionally, our team can create, analyze and design holistic procurement strategies which take into account the product lines, strengths, information systems, and resources of an organization as a whole. We work closely with you to identify the best approach and procurement vehicle to achieve your goals. California’s processes can be difficult. Mozaic makes it easy.

A Full-Service Approach

Mozaic Strategies is just one part of Mozaic Media & Communications, Inc., a full service public relations and creative services agency. This structure allows us to not only provide you with lobbying and procurement solutions support, but communications and strategy, creative services (including website and graphic design) and community engagement work to accomplish your goals in the public sector and the court of public opinion. Mozaic’s full-service capability allows us to be your central source for all communications and government relations support. We are honored to serve you.

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